Applications – mildew removal, fire & flood restoration

Let EnvironClean help you with odor and mildew removal, fire & flood restoration and more.

Real Estate

Real estate mold and mildew removal

Unpleasant odors can really turn off a buyer. Don’t mask the problem, destroy it at a molecular level with Activated Oxygen Treatment!



Before your patients go home after surgery, suggest they have their homes Sterilized with Activated Oxygen. This process takes 12 to 24 hours.


Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Recently, the management team of Benton House requested before and after testing of the microbial growth to confirm the effectiveness of the Bio-Zone surface protectant. The results were impressive.

Sports Gear

Sports Gear

BioZone bonds to fabric to provide a permanent bacteria inhibitor. Germs cannot colonize on treated surfaces. Great for locker rooms, sports gear, and clothing.

Schools and Day Cares


BioZone kills odors and inhibits bacteria and pathogen growth on any surface, reducing the spread of contagious disease and providing a sanitized, disease-free school environment for children.

Marine Industry

Marine Applications

Stop mildew, algae, fungi and bacteria produced stains and discoloration in their tracks! Bio-Protect forms a highly durable bond with virtually any surface, working continuously with just one easy application.

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Our goal is to arrive on time and prepared to handle whatever odor elimination and microorganism remediation needs you may have.

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