Nursing Home Industry

Nursing Home Industry

About Benton House
Benton House is a full-service assisted living and memory care facility. They have nearly 20 locations throughout Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. The management team at all Benton House locations strives to provide a vibrant and fulfilling community life that meets the unique needs of seniors and those with memory disorders. Like most nursing home facilities, Benton House faces some challenges in avoiding microbial growth.

Nursing Homes Explored
Many nursing home and long-term care establishments house a large number of elderly residents, frequently in close proximity to one another. This establishes the perfect atmosphere for dangerous outbreaks of communicable diseases. Communicable diseases pass on from individual to individual
and are often caused by bacteria.

Our bodies have various microorganisms living both in and on them without causing any problems. Nevertheless, when people have compromised or weakened immune systems, these microbes can trigger illnesses and infections. The elderly tend to be especially susceptible to these types of infections.

The most efficient method for dealing with communicable diseases is prevention. Many aged nursing home residents already have illnesses so their immune systems and cannot fight new diseases or infections as efficiently as they used to.

Independent Lab Testing
Recently, the management team of Benton House requested before and after testing of the microbial growth to confirm the effectiveness of the Bio-Zone surface protectant. All testing was conducted by Sanders Laboratories, Inc., an independent third party laboratory.

The testing was performed at the Titusville, Florida location of Benton House. The facility continued to use its customary cleaning protocol during the testing. All rooms and areas tested were occupied for the entire test period. The initial test was conducted on March 31, 2012 with the follow-up test on May 21, 2012. The results of the test showed a significant reduction in microbes and bacteria in all eight areas of the facility that were tested including a patient room, the family room, the dining area, the north entry way, a nurses station, a public restroom, the television room, and a secured entry area.

Conclusive Results
As demonstrated below, a significant decrease in microbes in all areas treated and tested at the Titusville location of Benton House was found. The chart outlines the data for the tests performed by Sanders Laboratories as well as the total percentage of decrease in microbes for each area tested.

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