Help for Chemotherapy Patients

Help for Chemotherapy Patients

Chemotherapy PatientsWhile the human body has many things in place to stay healthy, often one has to rely on help from a medical community, loved ones, and the environment to get or stay healthy. One aspect of our health comes from hygiene, a key factor in treating cancer and other suppressed immune system patients. Within the environment, keeping a healthy living space becomes imperative. EnvironClean is proud to be a fully certified EHS Consultant service with Environmental Health Services.

Because cancer patients are particularly prone to infection and life threatening viruses, they need super hygiene treatments. The typical accepted sanitizing efforts on a cancer patient’s environment starts and stops with a single step “spray and wipe” hospital grade quaternary disinfectant. This treatment is used only on hard surfaces (counter tops, tile, and tables), and to be effective this disinfectant needs to be applied on a regular basis.

To get an idea of the process, when EnvironClean is called to sanitize the living environment, our trained and certified personnel arrive on the scene to provide expert treatment that will greatly reduce or eliminate the allergy, asthma, or chemical sensitivity triggers that cause unwelcome attacks by staff, guests, or family members. We can condition homes, offices, and patient living quarters as Allergy Safe rooms that will improve life for months after treatment.

Our treatment begins with the same disinfectant, followed by an activated oxygen shock treatment that neutralizes viruses and odors one cannot reach by hand. This air treatment will eliminate any spores, pet dander and dust mites in the treated space as well as any pathogens in the ductwork. This treatment is said to be thousands of times faster and ten times stronger than chlorine. To complete the hygiene treatment we apply BioZone antimicrobial surface treatment. This totally green, EPA approved, nontoxic and non-leaching treatment is used on all soft and hard surfaces. No microbial agent, bacteria, or viruses can survive or colonize on a BioZone treated surface. EnvironClean’s affordable treatment eliminates most pathogens, but the major upside of the BioZone treatment is it provides a reduction strategy that has or up to a six month residual effect.

Most are familiar with the more commonly used, single step, quaternary process that is at its best the day it is applied. It then fades as surfaces are recontaminated, touched, and used each day. By comparison, the BioZone antimicrobial destroys bacteria 24/7 and remains effective for up to six months with a single treatment. The EnvironClean sanitizing process is a reduction strategy for all the following pathogens: Tb, HIV-1, C-diff, staph, MRSA, strep, salmonella, allergens, and most odors. After EnvironClean’s sanitizing process the environment is an Allergen Free space, hygiene is in full force and cancer patients are protected.

While it is always the intention for homes, care facilities, patients, staff, and visitors to follow medical advice for keeping patients away from risks to their health, if the home is an environmental threat to pathogens, allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities, they may need additional help. When a customer works with EnvironClean, a consultant will evaluate your situation, suggest a plan of action, and deliver an Allergy Safe room that is sanctioned by Environmental Health Services.

Trust your EHS Consultant as a professional capable of delivering an Allergy Safe program to those important to your life. Contact us for more information on bringing an EnvironClean lifestyle to you.

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