Beating Enterovirus

Beating Enterovirus Before it Claims another Life

It is sad indeed, that four-year old Eli Waller died in his sleep from the enterovirus that is sweeping across the country.  Others have been paralyzed by this disease.  My issue is that we could do better to halt this disease and minimize its impact.


With the recent outbursts of the Enterovirus it has greatly concerned us; we feel a responsibility to share our expertise. We represent the best solution to enterovirus, flu, and MRSA; and it is with great urgency that we hope to schedule time with you and your team to enlighten how one treatment to your facility will mitigate the spread of disease.

We employ a dual-action, green, antimicrobial surface treatment that will kill germs upon application using our key agent – BioZone Protectant; while continuing to fight reinfection for three months after the initial application. We would like to partner with you to get ahead of this pending enterovirus threat.

Our program is what might be termed a “Safety Net” approach that is in addition to your cleaning program or hand washing efforts. Our product treats hard and soft surfaces to provide a 24/7 “Germ Inhibiting” action that will kill the germs, but not harm children.

Our process will apply a germ-killing ingredient that has low VOCs that quickly dissipate and leave no chemical residue. The second ingredient, will leave a molecularly-bonded antimicrobial surface protectant that lasts 90 days or more. We use a technically-superior application process which can be done in one evening depending on the overall complex. Fortunately, this is extremely affordable because there is no hand scrubbing.

BioZone Protectant is not a chemical sanitizer. The electrostatic charge in the BioZone surface coating attracts these germs to land on the surface where they expire in just minutes to mitigate airborne threats. Once applied, it works 24/7 to tear the outer membrane of bacteria and viruses allowing no safe habitat for germs to attach, colonize, or even survive.

Cleaning services are marginally helpful to minimize the spread of flu and colds. More is needed to prevent some very horrible diseases that do far worse than cause distress. Enterovirus maims and kills the most vulnerable under your care.

Our system works in day care, nurseries, grade schools, sports areas, play areas, and even on the buses that children travel in. We treat tables, desks, lockers, mats, carpet, walls, and floors with this invisible protectant.

As an all-day young child and day care provider your work clothes, smocks, and hands need BioZone Protectant that will keep your clothing from holding contaminants – being one of the worse disease transfer points in the building.

Obviously, there is no perfect system. However, there is a clear way to raise the barriers much higher that could saves the lives and welfare of millions of children. You should continue your best efforts to clean, sanitize, and promote hand washing protocols. These efforts are ephemeral and dependent on the cleaning staff. As good as they may be, they are simply not enough. When BioZone Protectant is in place, the failures to properly clean or potential for re-infection are greatly reduced as BioZone Protectant fights a constant battle on every surface.

It takes only 15 minutes to demonstrate how well this program works. I wish to present the BioZone Protectant system to your key people, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

I believe this will literally save lives if we act in an expeditious manner.

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