I contacted Memphis Mold because I smelled a funky order in my house. Stan took the time to explain to me the testing process and did a great job going over the results. I would recommend Stan to anyone looking for mold testing services. Stan worked around my busy schedule and showed up on time and completed his inspection in a reasonable time and had me back to my day. Thanks Stan!

Patrick B.


What this company offers is peace of mind! I recently accepted a job offer that relocated me to Arkansas and, in a pinch, I signed a lease on a “site unseen” house rental. The property management company assured me the place was in great condition and would be accommodating for my family. Unfortunately, I have had SEVERAL issues with the home (Mold being the biggest issue to date). I called Stan and explained the situation. I scheduled an appointment and Stan drove quite a few hours out of his way to thoroughly test my entire house and took multiple samples of the affected area. He was on time, professional, and was able to answer all my questions. All I am waiting for now is the property management company to follow through on Stan’s recommendations for adequate mold remediation. If you find yourself faced with a mold problem, I can assure you that Stan Moser has the solution.

Jake Blocker


Stan Moser of Memphis Mold Inspector is the one to call for assistance if you suspect you have mold or mildew in your home. Call him now if you know you have mold or mildew. Stan offers professional courteous educated details about what kind of many services he provides to resolve your issues. He brings a level of sincerity rarely seen in todays world of business. You will be satisfied and will recommend him. Our confidence in Stan Moser, Memphis Mold Inspector, is very high and we trust him as he definitely looks out for your best interest. Thank you once again Stan!

Linda and Jed

Atoka, TN

I  wanted to thank you again for the great treatment on 371 Josephine. There were at least 3 dogs that were allowed to use the inside of that house for a toilet and I did not think the treatment would take care of the odor problem. I was pleasantly surprised with the results and the house was easy to rent. I was especially pleased that the treatment  worked on the floor furnaces. I will certainly recommend your Company to other real estate management. Thank You.


Memphis, TN

I thank you for the service you provided at my mother’s house last week. My mother has been chain smoking in her house for twenty four years. Neither I nor my brothers and our families would visit her at her house due to the overwhelming cigarette odor. I have to admit, when I first heard of your service I was skeptical that anything could be done with her house. The day after you worked at my mother’s house I visited. I was shocked. I called my brothers to inform them that there were no hints that anyone had ever smoked in the house. They visited her this weekend and called me to tell me they were in disbelief. I would highly recommend your service to anyone.


Collierville, TN

I used EnvironClean services to remove smoke odor and allergens from a truck I recently purchased. The truck had been smoke in for 5 years by the previous owner. I was honestly skeptical that the treatment would work because the truck interior was all cloth AND I had never used the treatment service before. Stan Moser, EnvironClean consultant, worked around my work schedule to apply the treatment (took about an hour). The treatment immediately removed the smoke odor and the truck has remained smoke odor free. I am very pleased with the service and with Stan’s professional manner. I am happy to recommend EnvironClean to my friends and family.


Collierville, TN

Stan is a true professional with an abundance of knowledge in his field. A proven professional in the elimination of Airborne Pollution, Germs, Mold, and Offensive Odors.


Memphis, TN



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